Comino Isolation Hospital- Malta


This remote abandoned Isolation Hospital juts out of the pristine landscape of the island of Comino, Malta. The island itself is close to deserted, with a population of just 2 living on its 1.4 square miles of land. It lies between Malta and Gozo, and is a bird sanctuary and nature reserve.

The hospital is the second largest building on the island and was built by the British Military in the 1890s. It was built in this remote location to provide a quarantine station for troops returning to Malta from plague-stricken ports of the Eastern Mediterranean. In 1922 the whole island was used as an isolation hospital for cholera sufferers. Wounded soldiers were also treated at the hospital during World War I.

In 1948 a school was opened in the building to serve the few children living on the island then. It had just one class, other than an evening class that was introduced in 1961 for the adults of the island. The School closed in 1965, when there were no longer any school-age children on the island.

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