Top Urban Exploration (Urbex) Documentaries


Explore abandoned buildings from the comfort of your sofa! Watching Urbex documentaries can be inspiring. It allows you to virtually visit abandoned locations you’d never get to physically explore, because they’re too distant, dangerous or no longer standing. Documentaries can also give you ideas for your future hit list.

Living through the lenses and storytelling of other Urban Explorers provides great entertainment and insight into the world of Urbex. It’s not all about the abandoned places- many of the below Urban Explorers provide a thought-provoking perspective into the culture of Urbex itself. We’ve lined up the best Urban Exploring films and documentaries. Helpfully, all the Urbex documentaries featured in this article can be watched online (legally) for free.

Urbex- A Documentary

Crack The Surface


Urban Escape – Exploring Abandoned & Off-Limits USA

Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness

Urban Explorers: Quests for Myth, Mystery and Meaning

Abandoned Engineering

In a different style to the above documentaries, Abandoned Engineering is a TV series that explored abandoned buildings across the globe. In the UK it is often aired on TV Channel Yesterday. It is also available to watch on-demand, click here to watch online. The programme has an impressive 78 episodes and covers a fascinating range of abandoned destinations, with commentary on the history of the locations and how and why they were abandoned.

“These are some of the most spectacular examples of abandoned engineering the world has ever known. The series explores how and why they were built, consider the financial and social costs of their failure and examine the environmental and ecological impacts. The series also explores how experts came up with plans to make something beautiful or useful from the ruins.”

Underground Worlds

Another TV Programme, Underground Worlds will peak the interest of many Urban Explorers. Again found on UK TV Channel Yesterday, it can be watched online by clicking here.

For centuries, people have built mind-blowing structures underground. This new and exclusive series reveals incredible feats of human endeavour and reveals what people have built, how they built it and why.

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