Urbex Gear List: What Equipment Do You Need For Urban Exploring?


Whether you’re looking to get out exploring yourself, or searching for gifts for an Urban Explorer, the list below is made up of items we use ourselves when out exploring.


Our recommendations for the best Urban Exploration Gear.

Sometimes the best Urban Explore is a simple wander into an abandoned building with an open door or damaged window. Suddenly you’re in a place that not many have stepped foot, taking in the unique history of an unknown location. Unlike a lot of hobbies, you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to enjoy Urbex, but a few essentials in your backpack can help you to get the most out of Urban Exploration, as well as staying safe.

Whether you’re looking to get out exploring yourself (if so, check out our other Urbex Guides), or searching for gifts for an Urban Explorer, the list below is made up of items we use ourselves when out exploring.

A Decent Torch

Most abandoned buildings are dark. Even on a bright day, windows are often boarded up and every building has unlit corridors and dark nooks and crannies. A good torch helps you see where you’re going and enables you to take in the beauty of the building, as well as provides lighting for photos. I use a bright, rechargeable main torch, which can light up even the largest, most poorly lit rooms and has a great battery life. This Shadowhawk LED Torch comes in a handy carry case, has adjustable focus and is sturdy enough to cope with the knocks, bangs and drops that Urbexing throws at it.

Just in case I’ve forgotten to charge my main torch, or I’m out for long enough to work through the battery, I also take a smaller backup torch. This is still bright and rechargeable, and was actually my main torch before upgrading. It also comes in handy when out in a group and someone has forgotten theirs!

Finally I also carry a headtorch, which comes into its own when climbing down ladders of ROC posts, crawling through tight gaps in abandoned mines, or any other time when it’s best to have both hands free.

Portable Charger

I use a large, powerful and robust portable charger. This can potentially act as an alternative to a backup torch by enabling you to charge your primary torch, and has the added advantage of being able to charge your mobile phone as well. I always take my mobile phone for taking photos, and navigating to locations, and its good to have in case of emergency. This charger even has solar charging, and an inbuilt torch. More compact portable chargers are easier to fit in a pocket and will definitely come in handy!

Cut Resistant Gloves

Whether it’s climbing over broken glass or hopping over barbed wire, these anti-slash gloves will protect your hands from cuts and scrapes, and also provide some grip. Not used on every explore, but handy to have with you.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is not something you ever hope to use, but definitely worth having. This one comes in a waterproof bag (which I’ve also popped some pain killers and antihistamines in), which makes it ideal for the adventures of an Urban Explorer. This first aid kit doesn’t come in the waterproof bag but is more complete and still comes in a convenient case.

To keep all of the above with you whilst exploring, it’s also worth getting a good, compact backpack. If you go out exploring often, it’s worth storing everything you need in a bag ready to go, meaning you don’t forget anything. When heading into abandoned mines or caves we always wear a safety helmet, and some explorers like to use face masks to help prevent inhaling dust or spores. You’ve probably already got one, but take a reusable water bottle with you too!

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