Urbex Gifts: The Best Presents For Urban Explorers


If you’ve been hunting for gift ideas for an Urban Explorer in your life, look no further. Urban explorers are outdoorsy people, who like adventure, and there’s plenty of gifts and gadgets to suit! Whether it’s for Christmas or a birthday, these gifts are a combination of things that will come in handy whilst out exploring, plus plenty of other ideas that are sure to go down well.

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A torch is pretty much the one thing every urban explorer needs. This means they may already have one, but could they do with an upgrade (and switch their old torch to a backup), or do they still need a headtorch? Obviously, a good torch enables you to be able to see where you’re going and take in the full beauty of an abandoned building.

A decent torch also provides good lighting for photos. This powerful, rechargeable torch is bound to be brighter than what they’ve got at the moment, and comes in a giftable carry case with loads of accessories. A decent headtorch is useful in addition to a main torch, keeping hands free to navigate dodgy floorboards or whilst climbing over things.

Portable Charger

A portable charger enables the urban explorer in your life to keep their phone, torches and other electronics topped up on long journeys- which are an integral part of Urbex. Gift a good portable charger and they’ll have the power to take plenty of photos, keep in touch with the world and stay safe whilst out exploring. This charger even has solar charging capabilities, and an inbuilt torch. More compact portable chargers are easier to fit in a pocket and will definitely come in handy!

Atlas Obscura Book

This book is packed with information about the word’s strange and unique places- right up an urban explorers street! It provides options for places to visit, as well as an interesting read for when they’re sat at home dreaming of adventure. Perfect for feeding the curiosity of an urban explorer!

There are plenty of other urbex books that would also make great gifts- see the links below and check our Guide to Urbex Books for more ideas.

Survival Kit

Okay, so hopefully they are never going to need this- but urban explorers like to be prepared, and its better to be safe than sorry! This compact survival kit is compact enough to chuck in a bag and forget about, and comes packed in a handy tin. It contains “more than 40 essential items to see you through every conceivable situation. It includes paracord, LED lamp, quality compass, light sticks, fishing equipment, reflectors, firestarter, tinder, tinder extender, whistle, water carriers and filters, first aid kit, and much more.”

Though less complete, this survival bracelet is more compact and easier to carry and includes a flint fire starter, compass, whistle, wire saw and rescue rope, all neatly worn around a wrist.

Waterproof Socks & Gloves

No one likes wet feet or hands, and out exploring there’s a high chance of getting soggy. This can really put a damper on an explore, but you can save them from this misfortune with waterproof socks and gloves. Keeping their hands and feet both warm and dry will make exploring more comfortable and enjoyable!

Zippo Hand Warmer

As mentioned above, staying warm can really allow an urban explorer to get the most out of an exploration- be it in a cold cave or mine, or out in a decrepit building with the wind howling through the no longer existent windows. Also useful for pretty much any outdoors activity in the winter (urban explorers are never going to be tucked up at home doing nothing), this hand warmer is refillable and stays warm for 12 hours. Rechargeable electronic hand warmers and reusable gel click hand warmers also make great gifts. Disposable hand warmers are a more affordable gift and are great to have in your backpack in case they’re needed.

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