Abandoned France: Derelict Garlic Cottage – Brittany


In a rural village just outside of Dol-de-Bretagne stands this tiny abandoned cottage. The rural location made this explore feel simple. From the road, the cottage was not overlooked by neighbours and the house had clearly been left abandoned for a number of years. The roof of the outbuilding had collapsed and the shrubbery engulfed the outside of the first floor.

The Explore

The path from the road to the house was well trodden. Presumably as the house is so obviously uninhabited passersby cannot help but venture inside. The glass panel in the door had been smashed and so with just a push of the door we were in. Even though the cottage was easily accessible there were no signs of graffiti or vandalism.

What was left of the previous owner’s possessions were nearly laid out. The furniture also looked as if the owner could have just popped out. On the dining table were a jacket, unopened beer and watch. There was a 2014 calendar on the wall alongside letters dating back to 2008. My favourite find in the cottage was a set of rotting garlic cloves on the windowsill. It was so stereotypically French I could not help but chuckle.

The cottage was a very small and quick explore, only having two main rooms, one upstairs and one down. The outbuilding housed a toilet that was covered in mould with no sign of a proper bathroom. Unlike downstairs, upstairs had been cleared out of personal items.

The owner died in 2013 aged 45, it seems that he lived alone. However, at the time of his death a number of his family members were still alive. Even if they couldn’t sell the property, I wonder why they at least didn’t clear out his personal items like his driving license left on the fireplace mantel or his confidential letters.

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