Abandoned Kosovo: Market & Restaurant, Pristina


Located on a side street not far from the bustling market in Pristina, these two dilapidated buildings sit next to each other, bordering what is still a busy street.

Though their previous use is not entirely clear, it appears that the slightly grander-looking of the two was once a restaurant, and the concrete shell next to it was once a market hall of some kind.

No one batted an eyelid as we casually walked inside, clambering over overgrowth and litter. We headed into the market hall first, which only provided bare concrete, rubble and glass. The simple industrial building was lined with windows and had a loading bay at the far side.

The restaurant was more interesting and ornate inside (though still far from the most interesting or ornate place!), with remains of doorways and arched window frames. The ceiling had collapsed into one of the lower rooms, the area flooded with splintered wood.

This was a swift explore, with very little of particular interest and a severe lack of history available, but it was a nice little visit nonetheless.

Last Updated on 27 December 2023 by Michael

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