Abandoned Slovenia: Bellevue Hotel, Ljubljana

Not far from the grand centre of Ljubljana, in the sprawling Tivoli Park, lies a building that once matched the grandeur of the rest of the city. The Art Nouveau style Bellevue Hotel was built in 1909. The hotel was nationalised by the Yugoslav Government in 1953, then returned to its original owners after Slovenia gained independence in 1991.

It has changed hands multiple times since then, ending up used as a nightclub in 2005, since when several fires have damaged the building. Sold again in 2009, the current plans are for the building to be ripped down and rebuilt as a hotel- though it seems no progress has been made.

It’s odd to see a building lying in such a state of ruin this close to the centre of a city, and in such a prime location. With this location in mind, we expected entry to be more challenging than it was. Locals strolled past regularly, but didn’t seem to pay any attention.