Urbex Android App


Download the Urbex Android App to stay up to date with our explores easily on your Android phone! Discover the hidden history of abandoned, derelict and unique locations across the globe with the app. Exploration updates, urbex guides, videos and abandoned wallpapers all at your fingertips. Click below to download! Urbex App Includes:

  • UK Urbex
  • Europe Urbex
  • Africa Urbex
  • North America Urbex
  • Urbex Guides
  • Unexplored UK
  • Unexplored Europe
  • Urbex Videos
  • Urbex Phone Wallpapers

Next Version: Version 5, Expected December 2023

Urbex Map- Find locations of abandoned sites across the globe. The Urbex Map will combine data from multiple sources to make finding Urbex Locations as easy as finding a pin on Google maps.

New Wallpapers

Current Version: Version 4, November 2023

Compatibility improvements

Version 3, August 2023

Background improvements (compatibility), Added Africa Urbex & North America Urbex

Version 2, February 2023

Layout change, Internal Analytics, Locations Tab, Videos

Beta, October 2022

First Release- UK Urbex, Europe Urbex, Guides, Unexplored Europe, Unexplored UK, Wallpapers

Last Updated on 15 November 2023 by Michael


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