Abandoned Berkshire: Newbury Manor Hotel


Newbury Manor was constructed in the 19th Century, formerly as part of Ham Mill. The building underwent renovations and extension sometime around the turn of the 20th Century, these renovations included some unique designs that awarded the building a listed status in the 1980s.

Despite its historical significance, the Newbury Manor Hotel has reportedly stood empty since 2016, although online articles mention that several plans have been and gone for renovation, the installation of what appear to be new and very much active security alarms, seems to suggest the future for this hotel is bright indeed.

Access into the hotel grounds was fairly easy, however, although approaching the hotel was easy under the cover of bushes and trees, we soon came across our greatest obstacle as explorers: security.

In researching this place, one of us found out that this hotel is not just alarmed, but it is absolutely armed to the teeth with alarms and sensors. A quick Google of this place and the first results included titles such as: ‘We set off alarms at this abandoned manor!’

We approached the building under the cover of dark and our noises being dampened by the downpour of rain. As we approached the structure, keeping our eyes peeled for any alarms, we noticed a conservatory towards our left. We approached and found a set of glass doors, however, they were locked. We peered through, but nothing interesting.

We ventured around the building, the developers who had purchased the site had gone to lengths to ensure explorers like us were kept at bay without resorting to breaking and entering. Windows were covered by sheet metal or had been replaced by fresh glass, doors were locked shut and new alarms were set around the property.

Despite this, we were still able to peer through some of the new windows into the building. Inside we saw a moderate hall with lovely chandeliers and chairs stacked around. The place looked relatively tidy, like it would be ready to go tomorrow if someone took a Hoover to the carpet and arranged the chairs.

With the new alarms staring us in the face and not wishing to push our luck (we never force entry) we retreated off the grounds.

While the hotel has a lot of work to get back up to operational level, seeing how pretty it looked in a dark, wet and abandoned state, it’s easy to see how much potential this hotel has and to picture how grand it will be once it is fully renovated.

Last Updated on 6 November 2023 by Michael


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