Abandoned Hampshire: Navy Animal Testing Site- Portsmouth

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This is one of the most unique abandoned buildings in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Up until 2007 a private company, sub-contracted by the Navy, carried out secret testing on goats here. The goats were subject to high pressures in hyperbaric chambers, with the results used for planning submarine escapes. They used goats as their skull is a similar size to a humans. The site was shut down after protests and the UK military claims to no longer use goats for testing. Between 2000 and 2007, 406 procedures were carried out on goats at the site. Six goats died during these experiments, and more than 120 were “humanely” killed after the experiments.

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The site itself was very large, spanning over 20 buildings. It was easy to access and made for a very disturbing and thought-provoking explore. The site is near Portsmouth, which has a host of unique Urbex locations due to it rich naval and military past. Not knowing what to expect when entering each of the many buildings made this an exciting explore. There was a massive variety of spaces; highlights included immense machinery, dive tanks, experiment rooms, electricity generators, control rooms and macabre goat pens. Different rooms brought with them different emotions, from awe at the machinery and electrics to a melancholy anger at the clinical bare concrete experimental rooms, with nothing but a drain and a few stains left behind.

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