Abandoned Sussex: Derelict Dairy


This abandoned dairy lies next to the site of an abandoned hospital, a large plot which is currently for sale with planning permission granted for new development. Little is known about the dairy itself, with no information available online or from the local community. The derelict dairy lies next to a busy main road, with a farm on the opposite side. Our best guess is that these buildings were once part of that farm, but when the road was built it split the farmland, leading to the abandonment of the dairy.

Sunlight beamed through the half-crumbled roof of the first building we entered, giving life to plants and moss and illuminating the graffiti decorating the concrete and brick walls. This room appeared to be the milking parlour, with metal structures jutting out of the shaped concrete floor and feeding trough.

We walked through to a barn; its roof in a similar condition to the milking parlour’s. Rotting structural columns balanced precariously on clusters of bricks, their mortar barely keeping them together. Holding pens now contained piles of rubbish, strangely including a bath, rather than cows.

Last Updated on 28 March 2023 by Michael

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Nice photos, this is local to me so would you mind sharing exact location, thanks!


Hey, does anyone have the location for this? Thanks