Abandoned Sussex: Derelict Storage Units


Tucked away behind an industrial estate in the West Sussex countryside, this strange cluster of elongated buildings blended in well with the surrounding trees.

The shoddy structures looked like they would have been barely standing even before they were abandoned; consisting of a mixture of breeze blocks, wood, chicken wire and corrugated iron.The construction was odd, with the buildings set low to the ground, suggesting that they were only ever used for storage.

The two main units stretched along for a good few hundred metres, with a channel of trees between them. We ducked inside, and gazed upon seemingly endless bundles of stuff. The items were a mismatch of electrical parts, old files and household objects such as board games, videos and other junk.

As we walked through, the sunlight pierced through holes in the roof, making certain objects glow as if they were part of a special task in a 90s computer game. Towards the end of the first hut, we came across more modern equipment such as lighting and heaters, presumably stored there by one of the companies based in the nearby industrial estate.

The next, smaller building contained more interesting objects, including cases from pre-1980s multimeters, and old line testers. The second of the two long huts contained just as much as the first, with more files and boxes, left for years and perhaps forgotten.

Last Updated on 3 May 2023 by Michael

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Nice find, mind sharing the location i live nearby and would love to check it out!


Trying to start out on urbexing and I would love for this to be the first place! Where exactly is it?


Could I get the location? Thanks!