Abandoned Wiltshire: Broad Chalke ROC Post


This well-preserved ROC post is one of hundreds still dotted about the country. There were originally 1,563 of these concrete structures built 6 feet underground between 1956 and 1965. Most have now been demolished, filled in or blocked off. Of those that remain, few are in as good condition as Broad Chalk.

To read more about the history and use of ROC Posts, click here.

Broad Chalke ROC post is unique as it still had many original features, original tiling and even documents and a magazine dating back to the 80s. The cupboard, table, shelf, battery box, cables, dustpan, sheers, fire blanket box and glass-doored wall cabinet all remain intact and in place. This particular ROC post was closed in 1991.

Last Updated on 10 May 2022 by Michael


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