Unexplored Norfolk: Underground Street, Norwich


Hidden beneath an unassuming row of shops in Norwich city centre lies a little-known underground street. Walking down the stairs was like travelling into the past, each step taking us further back in time. The subterranean street is just outside the grounds of Norwich Castle, on the ground level of deep ditches which used to surround it, before gradually being filled in.

The architectural remains of the 15th century passageway and undercrofts were for a long time ignored, simply used as storage for the businesses in the above buildings. Visible clues to the past survive, including a 26th century oak beam, a 15th century wall and a traditional weaver’s cottage window.

Centuries ago the street would have been almost as busy as the modern street that now lies above it, with workshops, shops and housing. Outlines of rooms and windows can still be made out, the only thing missing today is the daylight, now blocked out by the buildings above.

Last Updated on 11 July 2023 by Michael


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We’re specifically are these stairs could you provide any pictures to show we’re it is