Abandoned France: Dol-de-Bretagne Factory- Brittany


Ominously named “Murder Pusher Factory” online, we could find no evidence of a murder or any pushing, but this site was indeed a factory.

This five storey building had an impressive chimney, and was significantly more ornate on one facade than the other. The ground floor was seemingly the local dumping ground, littered with old furniture and toys, with scorched ceilings thrown in for good measure. This lower level had some nice brick archways and, like the rest of the building, was made up of an odd jumble of old brickwork combined with concrete flooring and supports. Presumably the whole building had been overhauled and strengthened at some point.

Up the winding staircase the floors above were mostly vast open spaces, with patches of graffiti and the ornate brick chimney piercing through all levels. The concrete floor had been smashed through in multiple locations, which must’ve taken significant effort from the local bored youths.

All in all, this was a simple and quick explore, with disappointingly no information to be found on the buildings history, or where its dramatic nickname originated.

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