Unexplored Morocco: Tangier’s Roman Punic Necropolis


Located just outside of Tangier’s Kasbah is a necropolis of 98 tombs overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar. Over 50 tombs were once carved into the stone in Tangier and around 20 are still visible today. Most of the remains from this period of Taniger’s history have been lost, looted or destroyed, except these tombs by the sea. The stone-carved tombs were created by the Phoenicians between 800 BC to 1000 BC. Other 3,000 year old tombs used to be adjacent to the city’s main gates, but were plundered by the Romans.

Between 1910- 1960 the tombs were excavated and studied. Nearly all of the tombs are 1.8m in length, 60 cm wide and 70 cm in depth. Today the site is popular with locals, but less so with tourists. The necropolis is free of charge and the perfect spot to get a photo of the city and sea. Unfortunately as nobody is looking after the tombs they are often filled with stagnant rainwater and litter.

Last Updated on 22 November 2023 by Michael

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