Abandoned Berkshire: Derelict Railside Industrial Buildings


This cluster of derelict and decaying industrial buildings lies next to a railway line on the outskirts of Reading. The jumble of buildings are no longer structurally sound, with roofs caving in and walls barely standing.

Not much is known about the site other than what could be deducted from exploring the buildings, which included a garage with fuel pump and some fairly mundane storage units, with shelving and the occasional desk.

A large building on the periphery of the site was once a cottage, with remains of a fireplace and some remnants of painted walls. It appears as though a construction company purchased this cottage and developed it and the land around it into a builder’s yard. The construction company, which is based in Lancashire, has been going through financial difficulty in recent years, but it is not known whether they are the current owners of the site.

The four acre site is currently listed for sale, boasting the opportunity to improve road access and connection to the rail line for freight. Suggested potential uses for the site include fuel storage or a cement and aggregate plant.

Last Updated on 21 September 2023 by Michael

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