Abandoned Sussex: Marehill Quarry Sand Mine- Pulborough


Looking more like a martian landscape in a sci-fi film than a quiet spot in the Sussex countryside, this small sand mine dates back to the beginning of the nineteenth century.

The mine operated until around 1950, with the fine grain sand used for the iron industry, particularly in the run up to World War Two. The sand was also used for the manufacture of tiles and bricks.

After the mine’s closure it was used for mushroom farming, but today it lies abandoned, serving as an important hibernation site for bats.

The low chambers are all interlinked, and daylight is visible from even the deepest parts of the subterranean structure. Chisel marks can still be seen in the sand, and there is some graffiti carved into the outer walls.

Last Updated on 19 March 2023 by Michael

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M aaa

How do you find it???