Abandoned West Midlands: Myona Cleaning Centre, Birmingham

Myona Cleaning Centre

Myona was a one-stop cleaning shop located in Digbeth, Birmingham. It was one of the largest industrial cleaning suppliers in the UK from 1964 until 2012. The building is listed and was once the offices of W.E Wassell who were wholesalers of motorcycle parts and accessories. Digbeth was the former industrial heartland of the city and is today known for its art deco buildings and creative spaces. There is also derelict factory nearby.

It was clear from the outside that the entrance to the site is well used. The door had once been boarded up but this had been removed for some time. There were two entrances to Myona, presumably one for the employees and one for customers. Once inside the space opened up and the size of the site was remarkable. As it has been left abandoned since 2012 not many items remain inside. The walls have been covered in graffiti and birds have made the factory their home. Grass and moss have also claimed this forgotten space as their own.

There are the few aspects of the business that still remain, including the main signage of the building and also the shop’s counter. This was the one part of the building where I could really imagine what this place was like a few decades ago in its heyday.

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