Abandoned Sussex: Derelict Shipyard- Bosham


This abandoned boatyard in Bosham, Sussex, has been left to the elements and graffiti artists for over 20 years, which is evident in the condition of the building. It is located on a beach in a prime, quaint location with views over a harbour. The industrial building was used to build and restore boats, with its own slipway. The building has multiple levels, which would have included workshops and offices. The boat-building company eventually closed due to an unpaid debt. The site was then briefly used by a classic car restorer, before being abandoned. The shipyard has been damaged by arson attacks in recent years, most notably in 2015.

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Since then there have been at least three planning applications for the site, two for luxury apartments, both falling through before any work was done. The most recent plan for the site is to return it to its former use as a maritime industrial unit.

The site was easy to explore, with access across a poorly-maintained fence that was as much lying on the ground as it was standing upright. The location is evidently a popular hangout for local youths, which we came across whilst exploring.

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