Abandoned Hampshire: Morn Hill Camp House


This WW1 camp house is surrounded by farmland and we walked for a mile and a half to reach it. This was certainly worth it, the trek through farmers fields added to the excitement and suspense as the house emerged from the trees and nature surrounding it. It was clear from first glance that nature had succeeded in claiming back this land, which was even more evident as we explored inside.

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History of Morn Hill

The history of this house is unclear, which is often the case with residential buildings. However Morn Hill has a rich WWI history and it is believed that the house played a role in this military history. Morn Hill was used as a camping ground for soldiers during WWI. They would travel by train to Chesil Station and then march to Morn Hill or Winnall Down to rest before heading to Southampton Port. Most soldiers only stayed at Morn Hill for a short time. Once their their division was fully assembled they then headed to the front line. Around 2 million men passed through Morn Hill Camp on their way to France. When USA joined the war in 1917 the site was also used by American troops and approximately 800,000 Americans passed through the camp. In 1919, after the end of the war