Far from a typical ‘urban explore,’ our visit to this abandoned quarry and sea pool was a day at the beach.

Dancing Ledge is part of an abandoned cliff quarry from which quarried stone was lowered onto barges by crane. This was the most efficient way of getting the quarried Purbeck Stone from this remote location to building sites across the country.

The human-induced scars on the stunning landscape are clear to see, with unnatural lines in the cliff face and ruts in the ground. Nevertheless the whole area is beautiful, a pristine spot for an explore, walk and swim.

Above the rock platform beach lies a couple of walled caves, presumably used as offices and staff buildings for the quarry remain haphazardly bricked up.

The sea pool, which is refreshed with clean water at each passing tide, was blasted into the rock early in the 20th century. It was used as a swimming pool for the nearby Durnford School, which counts Ian Fleming amongst it’s alumni. The pool is still used by swimmers today, though requires a scramble down a rock face to access.

Last Updated on 18 September 2022 by Michael

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