Abandoned Hampshire: New Forest House


This well-proportioned house in the sought after New Forest lies empty, with few clues to its past life and residents.

It seemed odd to find an abandoned house in an area that has such a high housing demand, but we stumbled across this having spotted it whilst driving by. The main house was slightly dated, but would make a lovely family home, with cosy traditional features.

After walking through the overgrown garden and around the perimeter of the house, we snuck in through an unlocked back door. Only a microwave, a chair and a sofa were left behind downstairs. The living room had views out to the large garden through a bay window. A wicker chair sat lonely next to a fire place, probably where it would have been when the house was lived in and alive, filled with possessions and people.

One wall had pencil marks mapping the progress of heights of numerous children, suggesting to us that the house may have been home to a number of foster children over the years.

This theory was solidified as we headed upstairs, as clearly the children were allowed to put their own stamp on the bedrooms, with the walls scrawled with paint and homemade decoration. This seemed to tie in with a foster home environment.

We left the house through the garden, passing a greenhouse that has lived up to its name as time has passed. The untended plants had grown into a jungle inside its glass walls. On our way out we came across a large outbuilding, made up of garages and offices. From the outhouses, a boat launching business was run and had a number of employees. The company was dissolved in 2019.

Last Updated on 27 July 2022 by Leonie

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Hello, Id love if you could let me know the address as I’m looking for a property to buy, would you be able?Thanks

lindsay Boxall

Hi the house in the New Forest would be ideal for Military Veterans as it would provide a great number of projects for them. ( doing the place up). And then it would be a home for them. who do i need to speak to? I work with the Veterans doing maintenace and mentoring


Hey Michael,

I’m a photographer and will be passing the New Forest on my way down to Devon tomorrow – I wondered if there was any way of sharing the location of this space? (I understand posting it publicly is a risk to the space)

Thank you!