Leake Street Tunnel- London


In the middle of a bustling tourist area in London, not far from the London Eye, a tunnel with a slightly different feel cuts underneath Waterloo Train Station. Dipping into this tunnel, you escape the pruned, bare-concrete and glass streets and enter a somewhat more urban and creative atmosphere. Also known as the Banksy Tunnel, graffiti is tolerated (though technically still illegal) here, and artists certainly make the most of this freedom. The tunnel was initially covered by spray-can art in May 2008, during the Cans Festival, organised by Banksy. Street art has been layered over street art ever since, with the tunnel evolving every day- certainly an improvement to its pre-2008 dank and dirty feel. A number of quirky bars and restaurants have also emerged from the darkness of this tunnel.

Last Updated on 3 February 2022 by Michael


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