Abandoned France: Little Pickle House- Brittany


In a quaint village in Brittany, this small house was barely visible behind the mass of weeds that had blanketed the entire front garden.

It was on the main road through the sleepy community- quiet, but the sort of place where you’d instantly draw suspicion as an outsider. Not wanting to get on the wrong side of an angry Frenchman, we needed to get inside as quickly as possible. After roaming around looking for an entry point we darted through the undergrowth, which was like running through a cheese grater.

Only two downstairs rooms were accessible; presumably there was another door leading to a staircase hidden in the impenetrable tangle of weeds.

We did not expect to find pickles. Amongst lobster pots and a significant supply of bottled water, were jars and jars of pickled things. They were nearly stacked on a table, and most were dated 2006.

The next room was filled with the sort of stuff you’d find in your loft; Christmas decorations, random old furniture and a collection of DVDs.

Whilst this explore was small, and we don’t have any history on the house (or why it’s filled with pickles), it was a unique experience. The building itself would once have made a cosy cottage in a beautiful area of the Brittany countryside.

Last Updated on 19 February 2023 by Michael

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