Abandoned Malta: St George’s Bay Derelict Buildings


In Malta, a stone’s throw away from the popular beach of St George’s Bay, a cluster of buildings lie abandoned, hidden amongst the surrounding hotels and bars.

The buildings appear to have been apartments, maybe serving tourists visiting the area. They have been abandoned for at least 5 years, and are potentially on the grounds of a large future development planned nearby. This new hotel development threatens the structure of a cave, which we were searching for when we came across these derelict buildings.

In spite of their pristine location, with views over the bay, today they are littered with rubbish and covered in scrawled graffiti.

Last Updated on 5 April 2022 by Michael

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My friends and I have explored very little of this place; mainly the entrance and exterior. This is due to the people who seem to be living inside this building. The first time we visited the place, I saw a man who seemed to be somewhere in his mid 50s, holding a bag of white powder (presumably cocaine) whilst talking to another individual and dancing to a 90s Hip Hop track (if I remember correctly it was Keep Their Heads Ringin’ by Dr. Dre). After this initial encounter, we decided to leave and return at a later date. The second time proved to be more successful as we got further into the building, explored some of the fields and took many interesting photos. However, my friends told me they heard loud thuds coming from the back and when one of us decided to yell ‘hello’ we got a loud “huh?” in response and immediately ran out. I do intent on going back and exploring more as the interior is beautiful in an eerie way.